New Year, New Blog

BW Hummer

After keeping up this blog every week for three years (and less consistently for two years before that), I am taking a break. I’ve decided to start something new: weekly observations of birds, drawn and written.

I’m excited to write about birds instead of myself. I have spent my career focused on my own experiences and stories as material for art-making, song-writing and lately book-writing as well as blogging. Now, suddenly, I am ready to change my focus (at least in the blog-o-sphere) and see what I have to say about birds.

Birds are a fascinating expression of the wild world that we so easily look past. Because they can fly, birds don’t have to sneak around avoiding us predators, making them generally visible to us in any given moment. Sure I am curious about the rare, hard to find species that only live in the arctic or the rain forest, but I am more interested in the many species flying among us.

Living in Southern California I am lucky to be able to see a great variety of birds year round and I intend to highlight a different species each week. I am not a bird snob, so I will be covering the most ubiquitous as well as the exotic. Pigeons, crows, gulls and common sparrows are fabulous to study because they do not fear us. Try watching a group of pigeons fight over the best spot on a lamppost or flying in perfectly ordered chaos next time you are waiting on a street corner for the light to change. It’s better entertainment then most of the crap on my phone.

I am not a bird expert. I am just a self-taught birder who likes to observe. My new blog will be a platform for sharing and reflecting on the many things that birds teach me about life, love and survival.

More information coming soon!

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